Saturday, December 01, 2007


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So I can breathe after getting my book review done and sewing i needed done. Now, I just need to get to the eye doctor for a new prescription and new glasses and i think contacts this time too. I haven't worn them in a while but feel like it again. The glasses are necessary because you know the other day when I said i was fighting with Little Dude, he got very upset with me for not reading a kazillionth book. I love that he loves to read and i love reading to him BUT this boy has a TEMPER. I know where he gets it but I don't have a temper with him and I hate it when he acts out like this.

Here was the scenario that started our horrid day together... I was changing him and asked if he was hungry and he said "yes please" (i have a polite kid...a good thing he gets from his momma) and then i handed him his favorite book he hasn't seen in a while to occupy him while i changed him. When i picked him up he said "read read!". All I said is "After we e-" and smack. He slapped me and tore off my glasses bending them and then breaking them for the 3rd time. This time they were unfixable by me and I'm walking around like a nerd with tape on my glasses. The rest of the day didn't get much better.

The next day was better....this picture was midday. I'm so glad he's eating soup now. Gives me a ton more options for lunches which i was quickly running out of ideas for. I love eating soup with him...his slurping is so darn cute and him trying to get the spoon in. He's eaten with our size silverware for some time now but the spoon full of liquid is a new obstable. He has fed himself since he was a year...quite stubbornly too - meaning i can't help and if he wants a bite of something i'm eating, he points to his plate and says "here" but won't take a bite of mine. Mom is not allowed to help. Ever. boy all growing up.

In the picture is the first picture he has ever told me what it is. He pointed to it sitting in the window and said "Dolphin." Mash'Allah...what a first named painting. I'm keeping this one but the next one he names will go to his grandma/dadi who is an artist (painter). I'll frame it and she will love it and probably hang it amongst her own. It'll be cute.

Funny, just like a couple, after a big fight, the next day is extra nice. Maybe that stuff just has to come out.


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