Monday, December 17, 2007

Handmade warmth

homemade slippers
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As the temperature dropped and i refused to leave my warm house, i made these for the little dude. I just took fleece and made little moccassin style slippers, put bias tape around the edge and then on the bottoms i put 3D fabric paint to stop the skidding because he was running around here as though he was on a skating rink.

I've made so much lately. Need to post some pics of handmade xmas stuff and other fun things. Half done with the ramadan calendar too. Working on getting kits together. I know it's a little hard to decide now but would anyone be interested in buying them or would rather have the calendar premade? I will offer both but am wondering which would be better. I like the idea of kits myself and that's what i would order if they were available. Anyhow, will post a picture soon of the one i'm working on.

OH. And I'm almost finished with my quilt top! My first quilt isn't so scary now. I'm just piecing the big chunks together so it should be done next naptime and then it's hand quilting and binding at night. It's a mess (corners aren't aligned just right but hey i'm learning). Can i say i'm totally loving it though and think it's just gorgeous. I wanted to do a fall theme...things that remind me of fall and colors of fall. I wanted it done in the fall too but hey it's getting there. Can't wait to start quilting it though. Will post pictures of all this tomorrow. Today has been too crazy.


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