Thursday, December 06, 2007

more mail news!

I love real mail. I would stalk the post man if i could. I miss getting cards and letters in the mail. The internet messed that up but good! I love personal packages best. They are rare but boy when you get em they are good! I got my Green Swap package and LOVE the contents. Look at the awesome knitted bag (we all know i stink at knitting but by winter's end i won't...that's my goal anyhow! anyway, nice to have a knitted bag and not having to make it! Love it!). Also love the bag from a pillowcase. That fabric is so me! So fun and funky but not loud and showy. It is seriously just right for me. She made the bag by basing it off of a plastic bag. Pretty cool. She done good! Oh, and we mustn't forget the yummy extras. Check this out...see that paper with the caterpillars? Okay, you hardly can and i'm too lazy to do a second picture and upload but look real good and you can probably see. Now look at what i just embroidered with felt the other night on a pair of shoes i'm making as a baby gift...

from the book in the previous post. Speaking of those poor baby shoes. My sewing machine was really messing up. Baby's are born and the presents are going out way's never too late to receive goodies though is it?

My sewing machine made the green swap hard for me to finish too. I couldn't understand why my machine was jamming so bad and then the other day i son had turned the tension dial to 0. It normally is around 4. Duh. Only took me a week to figure it out after cursing, ripping, starting over, repeat. repeat. repeat.

Wanna hear another duh moment? I was needing some bias tape the other day and couldn't find anything that would work so i asked the lady what she recommended. She said "Make some." I said, "Well how do you get it stretchy?" She said "you cut it on the bias." I said excitedly like i just discovered plutonium, um i mean japanese crafting books! "THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT BIAS TAPE!" Yeah, i'm a real dork in the snobby quilting store. They are getting used to me. Bias. Tape. Bias tape. Duh. Motherhood has really taken a toll on my brain.

Thanks so much for my awesome package Ummhana!!! Now I can't wait to see what my swap partner thinks of mine!


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