Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I like the new year. It may not be the islamic new year but like that one it marks a change in pace. Holidays are over, and it's nice to settle in and get cozy for the rest of winter.

I've been busy over here. My husband had a week off work (rare!) and since it's too cold to go anywhere i decided to get this house organized and the rest of the way unpacked (those boxes that i've ignored for months). It feels so much better. There's still more to do because i'm going through lots of old stuff and getting rid of whatever i can. Lots of trash bags full, boxes for charity, etc. Feels good to purge.

Not a fun way to spend vacation time but it's the only way this stuff was getting done. We did have a fun day yesterday taking LD to brunch and the train station for a ride on the train and just to watch them come and go from New York. I need to take him on a weekday morning when it's super busy. He loves it.

Hope you have a blessed year a year filled with love and peace.


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