Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ta da!

first finished knitted sweater
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It's crazy how it finally clicked! I have knitted a few washcloth's over the last year but always screwed up or quit out of frustration but i thought enough was enough and put my mother in laws voice out of my head. She told me to stick to crochet lol. I just wasn't getting it. I was that way learning to crochet too and was so frustrated and now i'm very fluent in crochet. I went at this sweater full force. I used cheap yarn that i don't particularly care for. I 've never liked varigated yarn but i thought it would work for a baby. This sweater was pretty easy because it's got a boatneck (basically just stiched in from the shoulder an inch and a half. I don't like the sleeves. When i was making them i thought they were too wide and i still do. I was right on with guage though. Oh well.

First sweater down. LD grabbed it when i said i was finally finished and said "wear it!" i said he couldn't because it was too small. He cried "wear it wear it wear ittttttt" Sigh. During our peace talks it was decided that he wants me to immediately begin work on a sweater for him.

I must get a book review out of the way first though. I should have been doing that today during his nap instead of watching the final season of gilmore girls and knitting. Hmmmph. I feel so good right now. It drives me nuts when i don't get something because i'm under the belief that perserverance always wins and i don't think there's anything that can't be done through persistance and alhamdulillah i was right. I can now officially call myself a knitter. Yippee!

Okay. Off to pray and then tonight i've really got to finish this book. I can't wait to begin little dude's sweater. Anybody got a good pattern for me?


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