Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can't wait for Spring!!!

feedsack quilt
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Or a warm day....

I've been looking to get a quilt that can be used outdoors for lots of picnics. I wanted something old, preferably feedsack, and a little tattered so i won't be upset when it gets stained by grass or blueberries, my son's favorite fruit.

This was my answer. I heart Ebay. It cost me $1.25. Plus $20.25 shipping. And that was from Canada. Exactly what i wanted. I love the crisp whiteness. I love that it's feedsack. I love that it's thin enough to stuff in a backpack. I love that it's a little tattered along the bias - which is also the same feedsack for the stars. I love it. It's gorgeous and perfect. I *almost* don't want to take it outside but that's why i wanted it. Husband says "no used quilts" on beds but he agreed with my outside purpose. I don't think the blueberries will be getting eaten straight on the quilt though. Or pomegranates. I'll be making something else for that. Excited about that too.

Did i tell you guys i finished my quilt except the binding which i'm going to work on tomorrow's naptime. I thought i would be a casual quilter and would curse the quilting. I went against all advice and quilted my machine - cheap machine - and it really wasn't bad. In fact i sort of fell in love with it. Now i want to make a bunch of them. Little Dude's is next. Wait until you see the fabrics i chose!

I'm an addict with very little time. Muharram is coming up quickly which means i'll be at the mosque a lot and having very little time. I found a mosque here too that's mixed on Friday's right in my town. Excited about starting Jumah prayers with my son there. I'm finally making friends here to which is totally affecting my mood in a good way. Both LD and I have had a hard time here adjusting to a friendless life but i've put us both out there in the last few weeks and now it's coming together.

Here's a closer shot of the quilt. Lovely lovely lovely.

feedsack quilt close up
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