Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama for president and Ron Paul for vice

I wasn't feeling very hopeful about the upcoming presidential election until Obama the other night. I was leaning his way for a long while and then i quit leaning because i thought he was starting to say what he thought people wanted to hear and that's the last thing i want in a president. Then i went to Ron Paul. I like him a lot. I know who i don't want. All the rest of them. Hillary is annoying. No personality, annoying to listen to, arrogant, annoying to look at. She's just annoying and i already told my husband if one of my choices don't make it i'm moving to canada with or without him. Edwards is really annoying to look at and listen to it. His squinty eyes paired with that annoying drawl - i just can't deal. All the Republicans suck except my boy Ron Paul. At first i sort of made fun of his name because well it sounds like a transvestite's name to me. Don't know why. Obama is back in my good graces but he needs to keep his backbone. I'm just really worried that people just aren't ready for a black family in the White House. Sadly. I think he'd make a good president given the choices we have. My dream team is Obama as president with Ron Paul as his vice president. Wouldn't that get everyone in a hissy? I don't normally talk politics on here after all that bad energy came my way before but i just had to put my two penny's out there. I just really hope it goes this way because every single Republican except Ron Paul will take this country more into war, more away from morality and i just won't hack it here anymore. I barely do now. I better download the lyrics for the Canadian anthem just in case.


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