Thursday, January 03, 2008


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Been making stuff. Funny how i go through waves of productivity once a month. In one week this is what i did:

- made ld this star from Sprout but he calls it a starfish. Either way he loves it and goes around hugging it saying "hug. hug. huggiiiiing." Cute. Took 5 minutes and provides hours of cuddling around here. I love watching tv with it. Makes a great pillow.

- Made some mittens for LD. Love em. Used that felt from those scarves i felted and lined them with baby blue flannel, embroidered little snowflakes all over the felt. He still won't wear mittens but they last a little longer on him than the other ones. Picture is on flickr if you want to see.

- I quilted the quilt this afternoon! I realize some big mistakes but i still love it. I just should have added another row without red. it's okay though. It's all been a learning process for the one i'm working up the courage to do. I've spent a lot of energy thinking about the next one. It's for LD of course and i want it to be something he'll insh'Allah pass on to his own kids so i want it perfect and perfectly thought out. I just have binding left on this one and need to find fabric for it.

- a crocheted hat for me. love this one. it's from a japanese book and so cool

- also one of the pay it forward gifts. finally getting to these!

- 3 pairs of pajama bottoms for LD

- belt for LD. I made one last week out of necessity but i made it too small so had to remake it. I love love love it. Need to take a picture but it looks so professional and so much better than the ones in the stores. I've been looking for a belt i liked for him every time i went out which isn't often but still, my eyes have been peeled for 6 months or so. Something about this age. Waists in pants are too big or legs are too short. This'll fix it. I want to make a zillion of these now.

My kid sure does get a lot made for him but he is appreciative. He stole the quilt today for his nap and said. "more blanket" as in make another lol. He's the only two year old i know that goes around with quilt squares saying "fabic" (fabric). He also tries to cut on a rotary board with whatever he can get his hands on, sew with string and fingers etc. I love it.


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