Wednesday, January 09, 2008


sweater front
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I got the front of a sweater done! I chose a baby sweater size 0-3 months because it was small and if i screwed up it wouldn't matter so much because it's small and well babies outgrow things so fast. No I'm not pregnant. Sore spot here.

Anyhoooow. I began with a washcloth and fixated on my mistakes as they came and finally focused on figuring out how to fix mistakes and was able to although i left a few that were way down.

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I did okay fixing them except once when i just undid three rows because i screwed up even more trying to fix them but it wasn't as bad as i thought so i wanted to move on to something bigger and this is what i've done! It's a very basic boatneck pattern with little shaping using a Debbie Bliss pattern but i'm so happy it's turning out! If i get it done then i'll start on one for little dude that has more style. This is practice and will work for a baby too. He thinks this one is his. :-( He's in for an awakening when it's done lol.

It's been nice to have something to do while watching the news of the primaries evenings and i should get a good portion done while watching Project Runway if dh gets home at a reasonable hour and puts LD to bed.

So loving that i've gotten this far.

Oh, and here's a picture of the belt i was talking about. It's a sturdy linen type of fabric lined with yummy dots. I attached a strip of velcro so it should last for a year at least. I love it and it's reversible too. I usually leave the green dots as the inside though. I really like the way it turned out. Much better than the leather or camo ones i've seen in shops.

Originally uploaded by wayfarer


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