Thursday, January 17, 2008


For those of you interested in trying this quilt. It's very easy. What you do is choose and cut your quilt squares or you can buy packets off Ebay. I did both. My squares were 4 inches. Then you use 9 per block and arrange them in this way... the X of it should be darker colored squares and the rest should be lighter colors. I did a red in the middle because i read somewhere (can't find it now) that red signifies the heart of the home and should be the center of each square. Then you stitch three at a time (row) and then attach those. Keep the red at the center and when you are done you cut it equally in half each way so you end up with four pieces. Keep doing this until you have enough to fit the size you want (i kept this one smallish..lapsize). Rearrange to get the pattern you want and stitch likewise. I messed up a lot here. I had it arranged but with it laying out LD constantly tore it up when he'd get into the sewing room so it got all confused and then when stitching it got confusing sometimes too. There's a few spots where similar blocks are right next to each other but now i know for next time. If anyone wants me to do a picture tutorial i could do that... It was much easier than i thought and took my fear of quilting away. It's a great starter quilt pattern.


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