Monday, January 28, 2008

Been knitting!

I figured i should pop up and say hello.

Been sick, had a book review due, had a surprise visit from zack and family so had some outings which were fun, and have busy knitting a sweater for the little dude.

Just haven't had much to say lately in general. Winter is quiet time after all isn't it. I'm so glad I'm picking up this knitting thing. Far from being a good knitter and cannot hold the yarn right but something about knitting in winter is awesome.

Ah...finished the Gilmore Girls series. I had been holding off on the last season until i watched it from beginning to end making sure i hadn't missed an episode. I can watch reruns of this show forever though. I was afraid i'd hate the ending but i didn't. Sad that there's no more but glad it ended well.


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