Friday, February 08, 2008

Been sewing.

Time these days seems so rare. LD needs/wants his daddy (he calls me daddy still) all the time. I find myself enjoying our time together more because it's more focused instead of trying to distract him while i can get something done too. So now I just don't get anything done. The house is a mess and dinner is a last thought thing. He's happy though and it makes me happy.

Speaking of the daddy thing. I forget sometimes because I'm so used to him calling me it. Weird that he calls me mommy and ami to my husband but when he's with me it's always daddy. He knows i want him to call me ami but he will only do it if he's really after something. Mind games i tell ya. But the other day i was at the store and he said "daddy daddy daddy" and this 50-ish woman just looked at me so strangely. He did it at the library one day too and a few minutes after said "two mommies" and held two dolls up. A a couple of the mom's gave me strange looks. I realized maybe they think i'm of another persuasion. Kinda funny.

I have been sewing though during naptime sometimes. The result of which are several pairs of pants, the cutest thing i've ever made - a girly smock, and a few things for the little dude. I'll show some pictures soon. I hide things from my little one and then can't find them, the picture cable being one of them. He's into everything. Yesterday he cut the cords off our blinds and now we can't use them. This after i carefully hang them up so he can't reach them and strangle himself. Chairs are evil. He thinks he can do anything so long as he can get a chair there.

My finger is healing too from a sewing accident a few days ago. Can't knit or do much of anything since then. Want to hear a nasty story? My husband can't even look at my finger without cringing. I sewed through it with the machine. Yes, all the way through. It's just the tip but it is pretty gross. Pictures soon!


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