Friday, February 15, 2008


For the longest time i couldn't get my son to touch art tools (crayons, pencils, chalk, markers) or at least use them on paper. He always would pick it up and tell us to draw him something but would never try himself, usually it was trains over and over and over again but you could see him studying us drawing. That's how he does things. He studies us. It's the same with the alphabet. I started teaching him but he wouldn't repeat anything i said quite stubbornly so i just let him be. Then two weeks later he practically said the entire alphabet. All without practicing.

Now he has seriously wowed me with drawing. He's been drawing circles for a couple weeks because that is what he loves - wheels that go round and round. Well the other day he drew mommy complete with eyes, nose, hands etc and yesterday he drew a train with train tracks. I'm seriously blown away. It come on so suddenly although he has always been very interested in drawing - he just always wanted us to do it. I miss him asking me now! Ugh, i used to think it was a task to draw for him trains over and over.

Look at this great train...i love the line of smoke. I'm kicking myself for writing the word train on it. But i label and date the best of his work and save it all so he can look back at it.

I've been curious if he's going to have that artistic streak since i'm a bit creative and my mil is a well known artist in Pakistan. We will see but it's exciting in any case to see such budding talent. It's all he does now. Draw draw draw. I bought him a new notebook today because he flies through them now.

The other big surprise is since yesterday he says "thank you ami", "don't do that ami!" "no ami i don't want to" "please ami" and is only using "daddy" for me when he's calling for me. So dang cute to hear him come out with this on valentines day. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y melted my heart. I already miss him calling me daddy. My boy is growing up!


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