Saturday, March 01, 2008

LD's quilt top!

LD's quilt top!
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Almost ready to open the shop!

I'm working on some smocks. Got the fabric. I'll be doing spring summer ones first (linen and fabric) and will do some corduroy and fabric too like the other one i made. Some of you expressed interest already. Is there a certain theme you would like? Anyway, i should have the shop up and running next weekend. It'll only be a few things to start but that's a beginning right.

Sorry for the funky post. I don't get down very often but it's been a very trying week and few months. Anyway, i responded to previous comments and am excited to open shop!

Oh, and look what i got done yesterday! LD's quilt top. Gulnari - notice i used to fabric you sent. Thank you! I loved using the fabric you sent because now you will always have a little presense in our home. :-) Makes everything that much sweeter.


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