Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now what?

Okay, i got it. Now here is the question. I bought this at the far end of "what will i pay for it?" sort of with the intention of selling it. This is how I convinced my husband to let me buy it.

Me: "I'll buy this one at a max price of x. Sell it and make a $400 profit which i will turn around and buy a low end Bernina because this one is way too good for me." I just can't buy something that much for myself. I just can't.

* I honestly think/thought that. From the reviews i've read everyone says it's THE best machine and a workhorse especially for machine quilting. I barely have time to sew but i want a good machine for quilting but i think someone else should have this that will use it more. This lady hardly used it either. Sooooooo, now that i've seen this beauty and have it in my possession, i'm terrified of it. It's soooo much machine!

The lady was an embroiderer and an amazing one. She never had kids which for some reason i'm finding so sad although you can see she had a very happy life. Fabric was so so. I only bought 2 small pieces. But here's a bummer. I forgot a bag (i didn't pay for it but still it had small simple things i really wanted...a box of buttons, trims etc), and an iron (she had about 10 irons???). LD was really into the antiques sigh and it took everything i had to protect that house from him. They had some serious antiques. There was even a policeman on guard. One thing i would have loved to have is the tile game Mahjong i think it's called? The tiles that match up. I love that game. It was made of bone ivory and had beautiful hand painted pieces sigh. $300. There was plenty to drool over and i did but didn't end up buying too much. A few quilting mags, a couple knitting patterns, a box of sewing notions, a few pieces of pyrex (one of which is going straight on ebay). I finally have some hem guages. Yay. I can guage my knitting now cause i was too lazy to go upstairs and get the tape measure to measure guage. We might go back on Sunday to get that bag i forgot if they'll keep it for me.

But here's the question. Do i keep this lovely machine or sell it and get a lower end ($450) Bernina basically for free? I called my husband and asked him. I said "i want to keep this machine now". He said "well there's your birthday, eid, mothers day, gifts for the next year." :-) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What would you do?


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