Monday, March 03, 2008

Who is this kid?

Yesterday in Princeton LD ordered from a waitress on his own. "Juice please." she said "apple or orange?" He thought pensively... "apple" and then nodded his head like 'yes, that is indeed what i want.'

Today he got up from his nap and yelled down to me, "blueberries and a bowl please!"

(a bowl means yogurt. It's a given if he gets fruit like that he gets it on top of plain yogurt because it's so healthy for him). I told him okay but then a few minutes later i guess he decided he needed more than a snack because he then yelled down -

"Chicken please. And veg-ta-dables please. And mango. Mango with juice!"
I say "you want mango juice?"
"Yes please. Thank youuuuu."
"and a bitamin!" (a vitamin)

LOL. He's growing up on me too dang fast! That's one good thing about only having one kid right now. You get to notice everything they are doing. This age is so cute!


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