Thursday, March 06, 2008

Robbing little old ladies.

Today Little Dude and I rushed to the library for story time, but there was no story time today so we mosied over to a great little deli and had lunch, walked hand in hand through the little town center area and hopped in the car happy and fed. I hoped he'd fall asleep on the way home and then i could do a little work and we could craft together this afternoon. Wellllllll, instead on the way home i robbed 5 little ladies from a church with my wallet. You know how i was complaining about having no thrift stores here, well lo and behold, there's one 5 minutes from my house. They just don't advertise and they are only open one day a week. Unbelievable place with unbelievable prices. Sigh. I've been wanting to drive the 30 minutes to go to good will to get some vintage kids books. I have a project in the works for them. I'm making a mobile so i need them cheap to cut up. Well dear friends, i hit the motherload. They weren't vintage, mostly new and very good books for 10 cents a piece. Then a motherload of sewing and quilt books and patterns. They just said "$4.50 for allunem." Some of those books sell for over $10 a piece on ebay! Not that i'm selling them. I'm just saying. Heart beating. "Is there a fabric area here?" "Yes, up the stairs and down the hall." Well not really because they just had a bag sale on it but it will be full again one day and i'll be there! But they had buttons, buttons, buttons, and more buttons for super duper cheap and cutesy vintage ones.

I also got some nice china, a pyrex glass teapot to sell because these sell well. I know all the desi's out there are shaking their heads right now. They so hate thrifting. They'll buy any toxic thing from the dollar store but don't ever try to get them to buy something used. My husband still doesn't like it but he does appreciate my ability to find gold amongst the rubble when i sell things and make a pretty penny to buy fabric with. I seriously felt guilty walking out the door will four boxes of stuff for $25. I'm dropping off a few boxes of donations this weekend to make up for it. :-) Oh, let's quit talking and let's see it. Right? Pictures of all my thrifting adventures over the last few weeks coming up!


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