Sunday, March 09, 2008

Getting time.

I'm always asked 'how do you get the time to do this and that?'. But it comes down to this - i don't get time, i make time and that's that. If my house is a mess for a week because no one is picking up after themselves and I'm busy, then it stays a mess. I've said before i don't clean house while LD naps (well i occassionally do housework then but only if it's really needed) but that's when I do my book reviews, online stuff, treadmill, sewing - not all in a day of course but that's the only time i can get this stuff done.

Another thing i do is cut corners whenever i can. I just spent 8 hours cooking this weeks meals. Here is what i made:

- haleem
- sweet and sour balti chicken
- dopiaza
- chicken with fenugreek
- key lime pie

and whatnot. I won't cook all week now except for LD's meals which are easy.

I use all the time i got. If i'm watching something on tv i'm probably reading, crocheting, knitting or taking out stitches of something i screwed up sewing. I'm not a neat freak, and i've converted my husband from being one. I like a clean house, who doesn't, but i don't spend all my time keeping it clean. As long as it is a healthy house, i'm satisfied with every other day spot cleanings.

Another thing i do every day is pick up after LD and organize his play area so that he goes from one activity to another. Each activity will last about 15 minutes. This helps a lot. Focused playing. That gives me an hour, after that we do something together, play or craft or just sit and talk or read. Then he does his own thing for a little while again and i get online for a few minutes and then we eat. Evenings are filled with two dinners and bedtime routines.

I just make time but i will be the first to admit, i am not a homemaker all day. I feed my kid and do the dishes daily and laundry and stuff but i can admit that there is always a pile of laundry somewhere in this house...waiting by the washer, on the couch ready to be folded, in a basket by the closet waiting to be put away, etc. And it's a rare day the dishdrainer is emptied of dishes. I'm a horrible housekeeper and that is probably why i have time. Secret's out! I get it all done but i do things in waves. Like for two days I don't do much housework and then i clean the heck out of it. I find if i keep it up to par all the time, i don't have any time for myself, i get irritable, that makes ld and dh irritable and me more irritable so why do that. I prefer to clean in one shot and spend the whole day doing it rather than a little here and a little there. This way, only dh is a little bit irritable. Seriously though, it's just the way it is. I like to have fun with my kid and i find for me to be at my best i need an outlet to the world. I live in uptight new jersey and it's been hard to make friends in the winter time - i need my time. I don't budge on this.


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