Friday, March 14, 2008

vanilla bean

Did you know that vanilla bean comes from orchid plants??? I didn't! No wonder it's so expensive. In Atlanta it's easy to get vanilla bean whole, here not so much. But i always wondered why it was so expensive for one bean. I'm kinda lucky and my mom brings me vanilla from mexico whenever she goes. Good vanilla too. Yum! I think i have to make some extra vanilla-y chocolate chip cookies when LD wakes up. Book review is almost done. I have a horrible cold that won't go away and i think i just may need to give in and go to the doctor for meds but am fighting it thus far. Estate sale was okay. All five boxes of buttons were gone by the time i got there. Sigh. Sucks but i found some nice quilt scraps and a bunch of vintage knitting books and mags.


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