Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Japanese goods

This weekend i think i'll talk my husband into making a trek to the Japanese shopping center. Anybody want anything Japanese? I'm going for a Bento box and supplies for spring/summer picnics for me and little dude, a few craft books, candy!, pocky's, and i'm hoping i find a fabric/sewing notion store there too. And of course some yummy sushi! Let me know because i won't be making this trip often. It's kinda far-ish. NY is far to me lol even though it's only 30 miles it feels like forever because of the bridge and traffic. I'm not brave enough to go the subway on my own with little dude yet. The thought gives me spasms. Little Dude in the City is not a movie i want to see. We can take the train there and back but that's fine because it's just a train ride but the go solo.

My store is going to open i've just been sick and ld has been grumpy. No crafting, no nada this week. Oh, but i did read the manual for the bernina, got it all cleaned up and oiled it and tried out all the stitches and oh dear me, i had no idea how much i'd really love and appreciate this machine. It does embroidery! It's smooth, quiet and instead of the clunk clunk clunk every time the needle goes down like my old one, this one just trucks along. Didn't jam once. I thought it was me the way my old one always jammed but it wasn't. Love.this.machine.lots. I can't wait to really get going on it!


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