Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kid Crafts

Gulnari asked me to do a post on crafts to do with kids. I wouldn't call myself a pro on this subject and am still learning a lot. The things we do consistently together are finger painting, sponge painting, stamping (he loves rubber stamps!), and anything with glue. Instead of coming up with a list i am just going to do a post each week of what craft/s we are going to attempt that week. I'll include links and/or directions if possible. I think this will be a funner way to do it. Each week (lately it's more like a month) i pull out my crafty kids books. I have a bunch. I'll pick a few i like and a few projects for myself too from my own books. Sometimes it'll merge like i just made him train cutouts for his playroom and an art display for there too. I need to post a picture of his playroom sometime but right now it's in "need to organize mode" - that's my next project after all these ebay auctions are done. I'm sure that'll be a whole nother load for the charity shops. This'll start next week. This should put me at some regular blogging. One day for the sewalong, one for the crafting, and i may start showing my works in progress too. Whatchu think?


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