Monday, March 24, 2008

LD's spring clothes

I made all of these in about 2-3 hours. Love making these. It's just like the pant tutorial i posted in the previous entry but shortening the length since he needs spring and summer clothes more than winter right now (well not yet but if spring ever gets here!). The boat ones are from feedsack material i believe. The two top plaid are from mens shirts, the bottom plaid is new fabric so is the camo. The blue and white striped are a mens shirt and the blue and the white striped pj's are from an old shirt of mine. There's a green and white striped pair from a maternity shirt lol that are pj's too. He grabbed that one right up and wanted to wear it yesterday and today (!). So he can jump like a frog lol.

I kept the scraps and will applique t-shirts to match them. So fun!

I wish we could get some warmish weather over here so he could wear them now! I have two more pairs i want to make. And a hat too.


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