Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring activities

So here's my crafting/activity list for me and LD for the next month or so. Gulnari wanted some crafty ideas so i figured i'd just start posting my lists since some others may like them too.

I hit the kid craft books every time i run out of ideas and make a list. Some may not be so crafty and are more activity based but that's how my brain organizes time. This is our special time every day...uninterrupted hour together. So.... here's the list for early spring (it sure as heck doesn't feel like spring here so i'm waiting for the real springy stuff for another month or so). Here goes:

Food: Let him put all the fruit and yogurt into blender to make a smoothy. Let him add the wheat germ etc. Have tea party with it (let him serve). Same thing with carrot cake and we'll invite bunny to tea party and read a book about bunnies.

Nature: Bird watching, filling bird feeders (we have pine cones filled with bird seed hanging but they are empty), turkey watching (we have visitors daily again). Bird chart to track birds. We'll spot them together and i found a bird magazine at the library in the free stack so i'll cut out the ones we see and then we'll stick them on the chart as we see them.

Indoor quiet time: Embroidery - i just got a book from that estate sale on how to teach kids embroidery as young as 2 1/2 so i bought some large grid plastic canvas, a blunt yarn needle and yarn for ld to embroider on. Interested to see how this goes.

We'll make pipe cleaner bugs. I'll let him do the all important task of cutting pipe cleaners and i'll glue together. He'll add the eyes. We'll read a book about bugs and spiders.

We'll update the "season wall". Right now there's a cotton ball snowman and snowflakes on there. We'll change that to a tree and will eventually add buds when we see them and then flowers. Around that will be cutouts of flowers, rain boots, umbrellas, birds. Will do a mobile for the window of rain cloud and rain drops.

Spongepainting. He already does water colors and easel painting on his own so this will be something new for him.

Books: "my umbrella", spring books, insect books, bird books, "a year of birds"

We're also going to have a friend of his over to paint equinox eggs. Well that's what his friends mom is calling them but i just think decorating eggs is fun and i think egg salad is tasty and i think deviled eggs is really tasty and decorated eggs gives me a chance to make both. :-) We don't do easter obviously.

You'll see there isn't 30 things here because some days are just too busy or he's not interested. I don't push things with him. If decent weather is around, we go for walks and pick up stuff. Library program is starting up again too. On those days we usually go for walks and to lunch so we don't do anything that day. This is just what works for me. I find he appreciates locked in time for him.


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