Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I love getting stuff in the mail and it's especially good when you don't know what you are getting! It's rare to get such a treasure amongst junk mail, bills, and more junk mail.

Look what I got yesterday! I told you I won Handi Dandi Mandi's giveaway but she threw some more goodies in the box and i might add that it was the best smelling package i think i've ever got!

All my favorite things!

A very cute felt bag and you all know how much i like felt and how me and my Little Dude like apples so I have a feeling he might take this for himself. I'll share. It's so cute though!

felt apple
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Some buttons. Very cute buttons. I really really like the white rose looking ones and those with the plaid but they are all very nice and fun buttons.

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There is also some dried lavendar. I have been looking for lavendar for some time now because i have a few vintage linen tea towels that i want to cut up and make lavendar sachets out of. This will help with that! I love lavendar. I seriously do. When i backpacked across Europe, i rented a car to drive to the Loire valley and then further into lavendar country and i can't tell you how many times i stopped to run through lavendar fields in the French countryside. I always picked a snippet and kept it in the car. That car smelled so good when i returned it. I also stayed at a convent near there where they made lavendar perfume. I bought some and was so sad i didn't buy more once i ran out. Loved those nuns too. I remember waking up and being jolted out of bed by them and then walking down the hall, one kissed me smack on the lips and said "May the spirit of God be with you!" I loved this convent. Anyhow, i love lavendar. I think you get the point. It also helped with years of insomnia when all i really needed was a little dude to deprive me of sleep. That's a true cure!

Okay, on to the ribbon! I adore this favorite things one. Seriously, that's being put to use TODAY. It has to. Look at the star one too and the fuzzy novelty ones.

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GREAT package Mandi! Thank you so much!


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