Monday, April 07, 2008

countdown begins!

Last fall, on LD's first day of preschool, i went to this rummage sale and my husband (surprise surprise) reminded me that it's coming up and asked if i was counting down the days. Well I am now! This is the motherlode of rummage sales. It's a football foot full of stuff. It's amazing. They begin getting donations two weeks before and it's amazing at the great stuff they get. And then everything is gone the last days. Every.thing. Because they do bag sales. Different booths have different prices. Last year i got a sewing bag full for $20. I got children's books for half off. Craft books half off. I bought a few plastic sleds because the metal ones were too scary for LD this year. I think that's it.

A lot of this vintage fabric i use came from here. I left with two garbage bags full of chenille blankets, fabric scraps, aprons, patterns, fabric, corduroy and then on the last day (bag sale day) i went back for another bag (mostly linens and flannel and some fabric).

They told me to volunteer in the spring so i am. I am hoping that it means i will be invited to a presale or at least be able to see what's available so i know what i'm going for. If not, that's okay too. Between what i bought and what i sold, i got some excellent deals last fall. My favorite of which was a tiny bag of quilt scraps for $1. I would have paid $10. I'm not kidding. I also bought a beautiful hand appliqued embroidered quilt which i was going to keep but was afraid to quilt it myself so sold it. It covered all my costs for the stuff i kept. An apron too that i bought for $3 sold for $20 on ebay. I buy mostly for myself but sometimes i change my mind and sell the stuff. This year i have an attack plan. Here's my list:

1. Get in line BEFORE they open this time so i can get one of the quilts this time - i was about 25 back the first time and they only allow a certain number of people per booth. Go for the quilts and then back outside to the scrap bin where all the great quilt scraps are and I'm hoping feedsack scraps. Find the treasured bag and then go for the buttons and then the patterns and then the fabric - vintage only. Regular fabric i'll wait till bag day.

2. Kids books. That's in another booth way down the way. Grab the ones i want and then go to the sports equipment where i will get a wagon and a radio flyer sled for LD. I may venture into the toy room if LD isn't with me to see if i can find a play house or slide. I may also look for wood toys and crafts.

3. Books - look for craft books and nature books like bird watching.

4. Craft booth. Browse the craft products.

5. Go back on bag day to sewing booth and get items i thought were too expensive and get all children's patterns to give away to friends.

I am so ready for this one! I am so counting the days. Rummage sale season is fantastic here. In Atlanta they had baby/kid ones which were great too but i only found a few toys at each one. I scored on a kelty backpack too but the ones here are amazing. Super buys like little dudes kitchen i got for $2.50. That thing sells for $200 in NY. The gocco i got for $20 - i know it says $25 but there's a story on why it's $20. Brand new in the box (!). Sadly, i've been afraid to drag it out and give it a go but that's because i've been sewing so much but now my gift giving sewing is almost done, i'm going to do eid cards on it. Yay.

I just cleaned up my craft room and got boxes together to donate for them and for the other charity shop i like. Cleaning yesterday inspired me to do three things. A giveaway, a swap, and to post pictures of my crafting space. Soon i'll post those.


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