Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap

My first ever swap!

I was cleaning my craft area and i realized two things. I have an excessive amount of some things and lacking in others. Like most crafters, i like thrifting which often involves buying a group of things, some of which you don't use. Sooooo, here's a swap for spring cleaning crafters!

You'll answer some questions, i'll put your names in a hat and little dude will draw partners. I may intervene if i see that two people are a perfect match (i.e. you have an excess of what they need and vice versa). You'll send to your swap partner the following:

1. Misc craft supplies that they can use and you no longer need (according to the answers to their questions. If you don't have the supplies they need, then you may have to buy a few things.) It's hard to place a value or limit on this but let's say you need to send at least 3 things (a few scraps of fabric, a baggie of buttons, a ball of yarn, a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook and a roll of ribbon would be a nice package for example.) You could always add more but let's make it a minimum of 3-4 things.

2. A thrifted item. Could be a book, a bag of craft supplies, a pattern, linens, whatever... (see question 5 below too about this)

3. Something you handmade yourself. We all have things we've made but just sit there. Find one that matches your partner.

4. Optional regifting. Sometimes in swaps you end up with something that you adore but just can't use or maybe don't like. There may be a better home for it. Feel free to include that in your package so it can get good use. I don't like regifting but in the name of spring cleaning i'm going to break my rule! I actually don't have any of these since i've only done two swaps so am going to include an extra handmade item but i want this option out there for others.


1. What kinds of crafts do you like to do? (paper, yarn, fabric, etc)

2. What supplies do you need?

3. What supplies do have an excess of?

4. What fits your style? hippie, boho chic, shabby chic, dainty, vintage etc. - think in terms of craft supplies (fabric, patterns, etc)

5. Are there any thrifted items you won't use? Such as cookware, fabric, etc. Tell your partner so they won't get you something you can't use. List things you can and do use. If you don't like used items, tell your partner so they can perhaps make a little something extra for you instead.

6. What are your favorite colors?

Deadline to join the swap is April 30th. I'll email you your partners and your package has to be shipped out by May 30th. Email your answers and desire to join to wayfarersjourney@gmail.com

I hope this is a good swap. It's my first so we'll see!

btw, please comment here so i know to check my email...i don't check that account hardly ever but want to keep it organized over there.


I'm keeping the swap open another week. All of a sudden people are joining so i'll leave it open till May 5th. Swap partners will be emailed on that day. Thanks!


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