Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grumpy day

This warm weather is making me and the little man fight a lot. I'm really annoyed today. I'm annoyed that i have to fight my kid to leave the house, to come into the house, to get into the library, to leave the library, to do this, to do that. Sigh. It's not a good day.

Here's my other long running complaint. I am finding it so hard to meet other people here. People are just not friendly in the northeast nor sociable. I was talking to a lady the other day and she's lived in her house for 25 years and just met her neighbors a few years ago. That's crazy!

Anyway, i thought story time at the library would be good for little dude to make friends and me too but here's the problem. It's alllll nanny's except for a few moms who i have nothing in common with and my kid doesn't either. So i tried a different library and this one almost made me laugh out loud. There were three primped women each with one toddler, and all 3 had a nanny by their side. It was hilarious to me. They were discussing with each other how their nannies are part of the family as the nannies watched the kids. I mean seriously, take the nanny to story time? Why? In case your kid throws a fit? I totally understand when there is multiple kids but one? This particular library makes you sign a paper in fact that a parent has to be present or a babysitter because people used to dump off their kids and take off for the half hour. It's a strange world where i live. It's like everyone works and has nanny's or their kids are older or they are at home with their nannies and that is just all too weird for me to be a part of it. I feel like calling them all "The Untouchables" because they are so distant from life. Hollow. They don't even touch their kids. I'm judging here but i just find it all so strange. It makes me miss Atlanta and i really hated Atlanta but it's looking like the most friendly place on Earth these days. I miss Colorado most. People were just cool there.

It's practically impossible to meet other likeminded moms here. In Atlanta I had a few good friends. That's all i need. One or two friends to get together with, get some fresh air with etc. I was talking to a woman i met a few months ago at the fabric store who just moved here too. We traded numbers (she is pakistani - that's how we struck up a conversation). Normally i avoid desi's because my friendships with them (not all of course) are transitory. They call only to gossip or get personal information but never to truly be a friend. I'm not into that.At.all. Anyway, this girl makes me laugh because yesterday we were talking and i was saying "what's wrong with us?" because she was saying her social life was suffering too. Both of us had good social lives before so it can't be us can it? She laughed too. It's just impossible here. She and i are friends but like usual our kids are way off in age so it's hard to get together because our lives are just different and her husband travels a lot while mine works a lot.

Bah humbug. That's my mood today. Crabby.


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