Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks?

People know i like handmade/homemade but now I have become the recipient of several tacky regifts...those not cute crochet blankets grannies (the uncool ones, not the cool ones) everyone has one of and keeps because they feel they have to. Yesterday was the same "I knew you would appreciate this..." For the record, I don't appreciate ugly, nor tacky regifts. It's funny that people lump all homemade/handmade into one big pile. There is cute homemade and ugly homemade and i have been the maker of both. I'm embarrassed of my first crochet blankets but they were cuter than this. I like special, one of a kind sorts of things. I love the baby blanket i made first even though the first few rows were off. It was my first and i think it's beautiful. Then there's DSC02787
this one i love and the and ones my mom made but ugly is ugly and please, if you don't like a homemade/handmade blanket, i'm betting the person you are trying to off it on doesn't either because handmade is either good or bad and trust me, if it's good, you like it. So, i don't want to be rude but since she thought the blanket she gave us is really pretty and the ugly shrug too, i was thinking of giving it back because baby girl is surrounded with homemade blankets made with love and she has a lot of 8. A couple from me, a couple from my mom, a couple from friends and family personally made for her. And this friend knows i am working on a blanket right now too.

This one means zilch to me. It was made for my friend by a friend of hers so i was going to say "Thanks for thinking of us, but BG already has several blankets made by me and family and i'd really hate for this to go to waste. I figured you could give it to someone who doesn't have so many." I'm going to sound really tacky here but seriously, it was a tacky gift, a regift at that. She could have gone to tj maxx and bought a cute pajama for $5.99. Something baby girl really does need because she's flying through them. Money is not the issue either. She has plenty. She throws hundred dollar bills around like they are going out of style so i think she really does think it was a nice gift. But i just cleaned my house and purged. I am trying really hard not to clutter it up with stuff i just don't want. Should i just donate it or give it back with a thanks, but no thanks. I don't want her asking about or not seeing it and wonder what happened to it. I'd keep the shrug since i don't have a million of those and let me mother in law use it when watching tv. It's not ugly, i just don't have the time to put one on and i'm a quilt person anyway.

Do i sound really unappreciative/shallow right now? I bet i do. But seriously this is just a run of the mill blanket. I like special. That's what i love about handmade. Something made with your child or you in mind. I like that even if it's not my style etc because at least it was made with the person in mind. I do believe in "it's the thought that counts" but with regifts i sort of feel different. If you didn't like it, you should assume the person you are trying to off it on won't either. Just put it in the donation pile and call it done. I'd be embarrassed to give something away that someone gave me.


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