Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup

We all know it's bad and these commercials that advertise it as good make me sick. What people will do to kids for a buck is astounding. Kids are the ones who eat this junk. Anyhow, a new study came out this week pointing to HRCS as a possible culprit for sensory and other disorders like autism because corn syrup contains mercury. Read the study here. There are many other articles out there too with good information. I've been reading a ton these past few weeks since starting LD on the Feingold Diet. About all sorts of food issues that affect behavior.

This is the first thing i have cut from LD's diet as well as preservatives, msg (had already done that one long ago) and the colors (red 40, lake something or another,yellow etc). I need to find a new vitamin for him because they have colors. Even milicon has colors...red. The evil one. So does Tylenol for infants. So does Vitamin A and D drops for babies. Already my daughter has had more red dye in her than i can even believe. Now i take cod liver oil and quit giving her the vitamins. I'm working on replacing tylenol and have only given her mylicon 3 times. I wish she wasn't so gassy because her screaming for two hours every night is brutal and the mylicon calms her right down but now i don't want to give it to her anymore. There's no reason for it to be pink. I don't know why they do this crap.

These dyes have been considered poisons throughout the years. Red #40 is the worst and it's in so much. One version of red was in a kids drink and it was made with squished bugs. This isn't a joke. They add colors to everything. Marshmellows have blue in it. To make it glow. Because natural colored marshmellows apparently aren't as pretty. You'd be surprised at how many things have these colors. One theory is that all these chemicals and additives are what's causing so much autism now. It's when these things began being consumed so much that autism increased. Google red#40 and see if you ever want to eat it again. Read this article on why women shouldn't eat it. Vanillan (the fake substitute for vanilla and in a lot of snacks) is made from leftover coal. Yum.

Some of these are illegal in other countries. The first u.s. court case just concluded regarding these colorings. Be careful what you feed your kids. I thought i was doing a good job since i was making most everything from scratch. It's the snacks and drinks that get you and like i said, medicines etc. Now that i've removed these things i've noticed a positive change in my son. I slipped one day when he ate a candy cane. He quit going to the toilet after he was doing so good. It was the red dye in the candy cane and his behavior regressed for two days. Some kids are super sensitive to chemicals. LD is. Even if your kid isn't, they are so much healthier without these poisons. The only way to get companies to change their horrific practices is to not buy their products. Make them change. They are poisoning our kids in the name of a buck.

One of the most disturbing things about all the research i've been doing is the tricks companies play to poison the population and get away with it. Here's a few things.

1. use labels of "all natural" or "no added preservatives" "no added x". "no added" x means they haven't added it to the product but everything they use to put into that product may have a ton of added stuff. You don't know because they don't have to list it.

2. the FDA makes money every time they pass a dye. So if they say red #40 is safe, they make money. The people that are supposed to protect us doesn't. They also want to make money.

I'm writing my government officials for the first time in my life. I'm disgusted at what i've learned. I started with the Feingold Diet because an 80 year old lady mentioned it in passing after i discussed with her some of LD's issues. He's got sensory issues (Sensory Dysfunction Disorder and here). I've never mentioned it on my blog because i'm sensitive about it. Not that he has it, but what others have to say about it. Some say "oh they have a label for everything these days." or "he's just spoiled" or "he'll grow out of it." Et cetera et cetera. He won't. He's super smart and developmentally ahead but he has issues. Some things are getting better because of these changes. I feel i'm trying to solve a puzzle and like my mother in law, i believe God has given us answers and cures to everything. We just have to find those answers. I try to do right by my kids. I breastfeed them because it's good for them. I found it to be a brutal experience the first time around. It was painful and i remember crying. I fought through it because i wanted him to have the best. I do the best i can and i'm very sensitive when my parenting skills are judged.

But i feel it my duty now to put this information out there so we can protect our kids. Our government isn't doing it. Our schools aren't doing it. Our doctors aren't doing it. We have to do it. I can't believe the small changes that have already occured and we've barely started. The last two days we've been back to square one because of a candy cane. I hope you'll look into what goes into your kids mouths and yours too.

This is very sloppily written. It's been a long day. But I hope you'll pay attention to this. Sorry if it sounds like a soapbox but it is near and dear to my heart. My son has suffered at the hands of these monsters. I'm not blaming them 100% but the more i read the more disheartened I am.


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