Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Year of Mornings

A Year of Mornings
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Today was a good thrift day. A really good one. Here is my bag in my passenger seat. You can't see what's in there but you can tell it's good can't you?

Whenever i go i have a system because i usually only have about 45 minutes. First i cruise down the toy aisle. Here i am only looking for a few things but i tend to spend the most time because it's in disarray. I am looking for playmobil, legos or brand new in the box puzzles and games. Last week i picked up a barbie so i can start making barbie clothes. I figure it'll take me 2 years to get it done so may as well start now.

Next I go down the craft aisle. Here i look for buttons or nice yarns like the linen cotton blend i got a few weeks ago, brand new. I'm selling it all though (5 skeins). I also look for friendship pyrex in this aisle and vera linen napkins which i sell most of the time. I've only kept one set so far.

Next i cruise the tablecloths. I look here for vintage ones. I like them a LOT. I bought 5 today. Some for crafting, some for the home. LOVE them. Wait till you see.

Then i go down the baby/big toy aisle also looking for legos or playmobil in bigger boxes. I then cruise down the china aisle looking for a porcelain china two teir dessert stand. I have a serious aching for one of these. It's Qaballah's fault. I blame her 100%.

How do you thrift?


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