Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm a joke.

Conversation on the way home from the library.

(very into Cars the movie lately so this is a discussion about the tractor tipping he's been playing over and over with his own cars and tractors. Kind of funny.)

LD: Mommy, you're a joke and I'm a tractor.
(cut to 5 minutes earlier)
LD: Mommy, why did McQueen do that to the tractors?
Me: To be funny.
LD: Why mommy?
Me: Because he thought it would be funny.
LD: Why mommy?
Me: He was just playing a joke.
LD: What's that mommy?
Me: (beginning to feel like pulling my hair's already been a looooong morning) It's when you do something to somebody else to be funny.
LD: To hurt them?
Me: No, not to hurt them but to be funny. Sometimes it ends up hurting someone but usually it's just to make them laugh or to laugh yourself. To be funny.
(long pause)
LD: Mommy. Why did McQueen do that?
Me: I just told you.
LD: Oh.
(5 minutes goes by)
LD: Mommy. You're a joke and I'm a tractor. Can we do that? Can we do that Mommy?
Me: Sure. Now go to sleep.

* Whoever wrote in baby books that you should talk to your child as much as possible and listen to them and answer their questions should be shot. This is what happens. They learn to talk your ear off. There is never quiet in this house, car or anywhere else. Ever. Sometimes he babbles on about nothing. Nothing. Total nonsense. Sometimes he's cute like today.


Is there anything better than your kids sleeping at the same time. I get such an overwhelming sense of happiness that's unbelievable. It's like I'm so happy to have them both. I love them when they are awake but it sure ain't peaceful. It's pure bliss when both are asleep. Every time it happens I swear it's the happiest moment in my life. I feel so content.

I signed up for the library program 8 weeks ago for LD's storytime. We finally made it today. It was the last one. People said it's amazing that I'm out. That I look great. That I'm doing great. Inside I feel like Einstein (for the hair). Frazzled is the only word for it. Maybe next session we'll make it to 2 out of 8.

This specialized diet is already working a little. LD watched an entire movie yesterday. He has never done that. He can hardly sit through a cartoon. He only got up a few times and asked me to pause it. That's attention that he's never had before. They say it takes 4 weeks for everything to work it's way out. This is week 1 so i can't wait to see the changes at week 4.

Potty training hell update. So I took Aisha's advice and tried to catch him in the act. Here's how it went down. I crack up laughing just seeing it in my mind again. I see him stop and focus. He's going to do it! I say "quick, let's get on the potty!" He makes a run for it. He's going around the corner of the coffee table and make a run for it and he fakes me out and goes the other way. This mom who used to play hockey can hold her own and fakes him out and catches him. I pull down his clothes and he sits for one hour on the potty and won't go. I know he was going to because he made a run for it. If he wasn't going to he would have just sat down. He never went. Amazing willpower this kid.

And so we don't end it on this note, something else. Hmmm. What else? I have nothing. Good weekend to you and yours.


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