Monday, February 23, 2009

To Paris and more

On the way to Baby Girl's 2 month check up Little Dude asked me if he could drive up with me. I said when he's older he can. He said "You promise?" "of course. Where are you going to take me?" Here was the list he rambled off for "when you're old mommy"...

To the park. To the farm and for a ride on the haybales. To the doctor. To New York ca-City. To Paris.

Too cute. I wish he could sign his name because i would have got this signed and notarized lol. Funny how when they are small we take them to the park and the doctor and when we are old, they will do the same for us. Insh'Allah.

By the way. She's a chunker! She never lost weight and gained a pound in her first week. Now she's a whopping 11 pounds 14 ounces. Less than Little Dude at this age but she's got cute chunky thighs. He never had that because he was taller. She's a rock star they say.


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