Monday, February 09, 2009


There's nothing like a little productivity to make you feel better. I've been worn out and feeling defeated but this weekend i went to a scrapbooking workshop for a few hours with the littlest one and left dad and son to spend some time together. I got 15 pages done this weekend. I'm back in the zone after not touching his book for what seems ages. It felt good to do something creative, chat with other moms, and remember when my son was little too. It was exactly what i needed to feel rejuvenated. Now I'm more than ever determined to get caught up on his book and start hers. LD loved looking at the pages.

A little seasonal clearance shopping for the kids was fun too. We got a lot of Baby Girl's clothes for next year for cheap. Not so much for the little man but we found some nice things for him too. The receipt showed us saving something like $150 when we only spent $75. Aren't recessions grand? Stores are having great sales. I love Baby Girl's winter coat. Pink and green. :-) Almost makes me excited for next winter - yes, slap me now....i'm so over winter - I just want to see the ground again! These people talking about spring hitting their areas is a bit annoying.

And today i'll start reading the book i'm reviewing. Productivity at last! What does it matter that I'm braindead and a zombie totally lacking in sleep.


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