Tuesday, February 03, 2009


A Year of Mornings
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I'm trying to make the three people in my life happy and it seems I can't make any of them happy. Well actually husband is excluded. Somehow he thinks I'm doing a good job but that's only because he only sees a slice of the day and he has yet to watch both kids while awake.

Baby Girl is just like Little Dude in that right around 7 at night until 9 she just cries and cries. In those hours I flail. Trying to please both and desperately await husband getting home so i can breathe which these days inevidably turns into sleep. Never in my life have I fallen asleep before 10, or even 11. Now, i try to get her to rest and sleep and i go right with her.

I've tried keeping up with A Year of Mornings just for an outlet but you can see, i can't do it. I took this picture while eating my cold bagel and cold tea this morning and am barely uploading and posting here at 7:30, make that 9:38 now. There's been several days when i've taken a picture but i just can't get to uploading and posting. I am a sinking ship. A tired sinking ship.


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