Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm upstairs with the littlest one while the other little one is in the basement pretending to be a plane (from what i can hear) while daddy is on the treadmill. Strange for husband to go on the treadmill first thing in the morning but hey, i like it. The littlest one was up all night and fussy all morning so i got up and was finishing a movie i had started when the boys woke up - loved it btw, Elizabethtown. I was able to finish it while they were downstairs. Anyway, an hour or so has gone by and i'm starving so i go see what the boys are up too. LD is watching cartoons and i see my husband's shadow - jumping and throwing down a magazine or something like that. I've startled him. I've caught him doing something naughty!

I tell him "I really have you living in fear don't i?" So much for the stereotype of the Muslim man being controlling lol. "Whatcha reading?"

He looks down in shame. "Work stuff." LOL. He's supposed to be taking this week off because he didn't get much time off when Baby Girl was born and I made him promise no work but keep catching him doing it. The treadmill was another excuse to get some work in. I live with a workaholic.

Speaking of people with no boundaries...i've started doing book reviews again and have committed to one magazine article too. I had emailed the editor asking for "a" book to review and got offered two. I took both. Sigh. We're hopeless.


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