Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4! Count em' - 4!

I was pulling my hair up as i do every morning then lo and behold i saw a strange looking hair. Upon closer examination I saw it was gray. I shrieked which made little dude come running. He is like a tornado chaser, always running to see what broke, spilled or made me say gross. It's the only time he moves fast...total stormchaser in the making i believe. He says "what?" hoping he didn't miss the action. I said "I have a grey hair!" and then looked closer and saw another, and another, and another. "Ahhhhhh!" Impatient he says "what? what happened mommy?" I say, "My hair is turning grey!" He sees, "that's really cool!" Ha! So not cool and they so have your name on them! See that one there, Little Dude, ah, and that one there, also Little Dude. This other....


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