Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Okay. So on the way, okay, ten minutes out of the way, on the way to pick up LD I decided to swing by the church thrift store. Wow. They missed me and boy did i miss them. I knew they wanted to see the baby and i figured today was a good day. Well it was. Except for the part where they said "oh a lego table was just here". They are going to start saving things for me. Playmobil and legos. There's a story behind that too. They talked me into buying a box of legos and a playmobil castle in pieces missing all the guys etc. They sold for big bucks on ebay which i put into ld's account. Saving for a huge airport set that he really wants. I'm missing my point.

Okay, so i shopped. And because today was pure bliss and these three purchases in the bin "maybe i'm a match for you" or something like that right here in this picture make me swoon. I mean really swoon. Get a close up of those puppies. Lovely lovliness.

Next up, this pile of what my husband would say "junk". Look very closely in there. We have clothespins for making dolls, wood alphabets for crafting, new fabric, vintage linens, an adorable hand knitted overall for a baby, a stack of about 25 pattern books (crochet, vintage knitting, cross stitch, everything), a crochet blanket, another crochet blanket, a piece of velvety green fabric (all new with tags btw), and some other stuff. I want you to guess how much i spent for this loot. You can do a closeup on the pics by clicking on them. The person gets the closest will get a treat from me, a little package put together just for them. Not of these things but other things because i've been selling stuff on ebay the last week and clearing out the sewing craft room to make room for scrapbooking space etc. I'm seriously considering selling my bernina. I kick myself as i write that but I really am. And my gocco.

Anyway, i have to share the wealth because when i wrote the check at the thrift store I felt guilty. Guilty! And I told them so. I will tell you that the linen room was 75% off. Another clue is that this is a trick question.

So without further is the loot:

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and this makes me all happy inside...I love it when people don't use their handmade linens and handknits because they are worried about staining them up. Love that! I can't tell you how many perfect sets of beautiful linen napkins i've collected.

vintage yum
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