Monday, March 02, 2009

I disappeared didn't i?

Here's what I've been up to. In list form since i'm not thinking in paragraph form lately.

1. Examining, reading and researching how behavior and food additives, colors and preservatives are related. How autism, ADHD and similar disorders can partially be cured by removing said such things from diets and also prevented. More on why i'm doing this later - mostly i'm worried about ADHD. They don't diagnose until kids are much older but LD is very hyper and I'm looking to slow him down. I am appalled at how much crap (sorry for the lack of a better word) is in the food we eat. I thought we ate healthy and we do compared to most. Well artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are ending in this house. Now and forever. I made LD's baby food,toddler food etc. Until we moved here and lived in a hotel for a month. I got lazy. It's crap that they put dyes in baby vitamins and medicine. Does a baby care what color medicine or vitamins are? Why the artificial flavors? It's poisin. I've been doing a ton of research on all this and putting it into effect immediately.

2. Potty training. For the kazillionith time. Except this time i've gone hardcore. No.more.diapers.ever. It's semi-working. He's sleeping right now in underwear. I'm not sure what i face when he wakes up. He has no problem with number one but we've yet to get a number two in the toilet. He's been able to do number one since summer. ***It wasn't pretty. But I'm thinking that was a good thing because he was as disgusted as I was. I hope he remembers that picture and thinks twice next time.

3. Computer was irking me. It wasn't saving passwords, ran out of disk space daily and pretty much drove me nuts. Good news is we finally ventured out to Circuit City's clearance sale and bought a computer. Yay me.

4. I've been ebaying on both ends. Buying scrapbook materials and selling a ton of other stuff. Made a pretty penny to pay off what i bought. It's not a good thing when my paypal is empty. I need paypal money. It makes a cloudy day sunny.

5. LD doesn't let me breathe. Is this normal for 3-4 year olds? I seriously cannot do anything alone. He won't let me be for even a minute. He used to be semi-independent. Inlaw spoilage might be to blame or is it just age? It's driving me nuts. I need a little space so i can refuel. It's what allows me to be a good mom. If i don't get a little space i'm not a good mom. I'm evil mom. The one who hollers, doesn't want to play, etc. Not a good thing.

6. Ebay takes a long time to do between shipping invoicing etc but when you buy a cd at a thrift store for a dollar and sale it for $150, that is a good thing. A very good thing. I hear the cash register over at suberbuzzy or reprodepot ringing. I've never ordered from them because i'm pretty frugal but I'm going to do it. Today i'm listing some toys of LD's so i can buy him a grand ole airport set from playmobil. Big congrats for completion of #2. And just because he needs a good toy upgrade. He's bored. I'm bored with his toys too. It's time. He doesn't get a lot of toys because we don't live around any family. Kind of sad in a way. I think kids should be spoiled a little bit from relatives.

7. I got seasons 3 and 4 of project runway from the library and am watching every chance i get.

8. I'm reviewing a book and it's quite good. Love it in fact. It's perfect for me. Thank God for that. I was thinking about quilting circles (it's got quilting in it). I love the idea of them and am so tempted to try and get one together somehow here. But I was thinking how scrapbook crops are kind of like that. In a way. Women getting together, sharing a craft, using their hands and sharing stories. I love going. I'm going to another Thursday night and then again at the end of the month and i think that'll catch me up on LD's book minus the first year which i will get done in an 8 hour crop in April. Then i'll be caught up and can work on both their books monthly.

9. Baby Girl sleeps through the night. She's a rock star. Please do not evil eye me or her. Pleeeeeaaaase. There's tough times too but seriously she rocks. No matter what time i put her down she woke up at 3:30 but this past week (after her shots...grrr) she slept till 5. Now it's right around 4-5. For her age, that is incredible. Did i tell you she's a rock star? And might even stay a blue eyed rock star at that. She's very fair and her eyes are staying light. LD's changed at 15 months though so i'm not holding my breath or counting eggs or whatever. She rocks my world. My little missus is something else. LD is of course the apple of my eye but this girl is the other. Of the yummy Golden Delicious variety. Love her to bits. Her colic seems to be subsiding too. Thank God. Hearing her scream for two hours every evening has been wearing on me, and Little Dude. Husband missed most of it but his dinners were effected. It's much better now and is off and on for about an hour.

10. Hmmm, what else? So much, so little. I guess I was in a paragraph sort of mood after all... I'm such a conformer needing 10 bullet points. 9 is fine. Did you miss me?


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