Monday, March 09, 2009


I miss sewing so much. I haven't stitched anything since forever. Sigh. I'm determined after this huge spring cleaning and purging i'm doing i'll sit down and make something. Anything.

Baby girl is a fatty. She's round and delicious. She reminds us of the Simpson's baby although neither of us watches that show. She is a spitting image though. She's moved into 3-6 month clothes already!

Ebay rocks. I can't wait to spend a little of my earnings after this big cleaning.

I need to get those giveaway packages together. I promise to get them out in a week or so. Sorry if you are checking your mailbox hoping they are there. That's what i do when i'm expecting something and then i get sad when it's not there.

Thrift stores rock. My husband is *beginning* to get it. I made $400 off of $40 these past two weeks. That's a nice profit. But he still doesn't like thrifted items in the house. Unless it's such a money saver that he can't deny it like the train table etc.

Little Dude is finally sleeping all on his own and i miss him so very much. I'm such a bad mommy because once Baby Girl is sleeping all the way till morning i'm gonna drag him back to bed with me. I love my kids the most when they are sleeping. Is that sick?

It's cold and rainy and there's a fire going. I better go enjoy it.

There's an etsy store opening near you soon. :-) Truth be told, it's been open a while but i only listed two items so i didn't say anything.

Enuii is the feeling of the day. Better flip through one of my Japanese magazines to get myself out of it.

Browsing through said Japanese magazines is what made me long for sewing again.

I tried to sell them and sold about 10 of them but I just can't let go of the rest. It's just too hard and they make me too happy.

Oop, i've been caught. Boss is on my back. Literally.


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