Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Baby Girl update: She's getting a TOOTH! Last pediatrician appt i told the doctor, i think she's getting a tooth and the doctor said "no, it's too early". But the last few days when nursing she gives a little bite and looking closer, sure enough that spot i pointed out has a tooth coming in. Crazy. She's not even three months till next week. I don't know how to stop her from biting though because with LD he was older i would just not feed him until he stopped biting. He went a day and learned. That was what i was told to do. He was almost a year i think. She's so young i don't know how to teach her. It look a long time for LD's teeth to come in. Like two months per tooth. The good thing is we all have really strong teeth but the bad news is i have some more crankiness heading this way i'm sure. Gas and teething. Ugh.

Little Dude update: He went number 2! One afternoon he said he had to go (he's been number one trained for a while now) so i sat him down but i thought it would be his normal antics of sitting there for an hour and nothing happening. He popped up and said "look i went!" I thought Yeah right. He always says this and there's nothing. But this time there was. And twice in a day. He got his playmobil forklift and was so happy. I hope he keeps it up.

Mom update: I ventured out yesterday with a friend and her LD aged daughter. My one good friend here and we headed to the outlet mall. Furthest BG has travelled! I finally shopped for myself. I hadn't bought myself any clothes since maternity clothes and before that it had been quite some time. I never find anything i like or that fits and for a decent price. I bought 6 shirts, a sweater, a pair of pants for just over $100. I never find that much that'll work for me. I didn't buy anything for the kids except BG a few shirts and a snowsuit because they were $2.99 and the shirts $1.99 and just too cute to pass up. Outlet malls rock. This one is pretty cool. We had been there on the weekend but it seemed dumpy but during the week is was nice and peaceful, well except for the three kids part and the no nap part after that. It was fun to get out. We didn't get home until 8:00, both our husbands at home waiting for dinner lol. It was fun to be the one coming home late. I feel happy to want to get dressed today. I've been wearing the same two shirts and pair of pants for 3 months now. We can't wait to go back in a few months. They have amusement park rides inside too which was a fun break for the kids.


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