Monday, March 23, 2009

Butter and Yogurt

I absolutely cannot wait until *the warm part of* spring. On the list this year is a trek to a dairy farm where we'll get some fresh cream and make our own butter and yogurt. The yogurt will probably happen sooner but we'll see. Read this and tell me you don't want to give it a go...

We have been making small but big changes in our diets and it shows. I love that. Even today at the doctor's office LD wanted a lollypop. I said, no because they had too many chemicals and fake stuff in them. I offered an all natural one to him. He didn't like it. But he also didn't request one of the ones with chemicals. He actually said that. I told him I'd give him a good treat when we got home. He gets it. I'm glad we're doing this when he's young and smart.


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