Friday, March 20, 2009

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A Year of Mornings
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Everyone is off doing spring knitting in light colors but i'm working on fall stuff first. Next up is a strawberry hat for Baby Girl in time for Strawberry picking (i hope). Love these colors...such a perfect fall hat.

I was doing the dishes this morning and made lunch and wanted to share a few good ideas i have. Occassionally i come up with something good. Here's one. I hate these straw cups for milk (LD still has it once a day) but the dentist said the others are horrible on teeth at his age so i'm stuck with them. Cleaning them stinks. The dishwasher does not do it and i look in the straws after cleaning and see icky stuff still, but chenille pipe cleaners work great!

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Next up is my solution for crusts. We don't like crusts, none of us. We also don't like wasting food. Here are my uses for crusts. One. Make croutons. Use cutouts, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan and/or garlic and broil for a minute. Fun croutons. Two. Put one in your brown sugar jar. It'll stop your brown sugar from clumping up. Don't ask me why. I don't know. It's something i remember my mom doing. Three. Make your own breadcrumbs. Toast it and then put it in the food processor.

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Oh, remember i said i HAD to sew something. Well i did! I put the binding on that quilted chenille playmat finally. Still have to stitch it. I have to do it by hand because it's so dense so hopefully i'll do that the next time i watch tv, probably american idol next week. I also made a bib. I've seen cute terry cloth bibs that have the arms but can never find them so i made one. Love it. It's completely imperfect and the pattern threw me off a few times (more to my being tired and it being midnight than the actual pattern (Kwik Sew btw) but i love it. Next time it'll be easier. I plan on making a few more. Maybe doing some applique on the next ones. I didn't do the binding the way i normal do (stitching the inner part and then stitching in the ditch, i just did it once around to be quick. Whole thing took an hour. If i wasn't using terry cloth it would have gone a lot faster. Terry is a monster to work it but it's super absorbant. Can't wait to make more. Sorry for the upsidedown picture. :-)

Here is the inside

bib inside (upsidedown)
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and here is the outside

bib outside
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