Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There are surefire ways in this house to find out if i have a book review due. Due. Not "to do" but "due".

1. LD will have a warm lunch, not a sandwich which is oh so quick to make.

2. 500 pictures from snapfish will have been organized per month (3 years worth that were all mixed up).

3. There will be a warm dinner on the table, something new, not from the freezer, which there is plenty of.

4. There will be two, not one, but two freshly baked loaves of bread on the cooling rack.

5. There will soon be two trays of freshly baked cookies next to them.

6. and a batch for the freezer too.

7. Pictures will be taken...

8. A blog post done.

9. Homemade blue glue made.

10.Sewing done (!).

11. A Year of Mornings picture posted.

12. Oh darn it, little dude woke up and i didn't get my review done.

I really shouldn't get paid for these. It would probably take the pressure of. But i guess I don't *really* get paid after all. By the time you read the book and write the review, you make about 25 cents an hour. I really don't know why I am this horrible at deadlines. It's probably why i've decided to never reenter the workforce unless i'm forced to. I plan on working at home for the rest of my life avoiding deadlines. Apparently that's what makes me happy because today I am riduculously satisfied...well except for the looming deadline hanging over my head. Sort of takes the buzz off.


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