Friday, April 10, 2009


i love it when they both sleep. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly in list form of my past week which was a struggle all around. I don't even know where the time goes.

The good:

- baby girl is finally moving past her colic. love gripe water. only used it a few times but seemed to do the trick
- i scored a wood dollhouse for her today
- we are doing a play date today with daughter of mom who wasn't there for me on birth night. (we'll see later if i move this to the bad or ugly list lol. ld misses her and i was a big girl and called and made good. still irked that she didn't have ANYTHING to say about it. oh well.
- i finished two sewing projects. why does it take me a week to make a quilt and 3 months to bind it. oh yeah, because i hate binding quilts. i kind of dislike the quilting part too. I love the piecing part though and all that ironing. call me sick.
- we have summer plans/weekends building up. dc, philly, toronto, colorado, boston. fun fun fun.

The bad:

- i saw an estate sale listing monday advertising sewing, buttons and things. I have been so excited to go and waited all week to go. i didn't realize it was on thursday and friday so when i went today all the good stuff was gone. but the good thing is what i did buy, i got super cheap (a nice yellow popcorn chenille blanket that if i have the heart to do it, will go on ebay soon for a very pretty penny) and some ephemera stuff. no buttons. BUT on the way home, i scored a lovely wood dollhouse. i saw the lady taking down her garage sale sign. it looks like rain today so she's waiting till tomorrow. i saw the dollhouse and bought it then and there. huge score! Will make playdate super fun.
- ikea is hell with 6 kids. nuff said.
- my son left ikea with a black eye, a dent across his nose and a bad mood. this should go under ugly list, but i'm too tired to move it.
- i'm exhausted. it's been one of those weeks. i feel like i could cry but i plow on. yellow chenille and a nice wooden dollhouse is brightening my mood and both kids are sleeping with only one of them screaming out every 5 minutes or so from gas.
- i'm pulling ld out of preschool. he cries again so much saying he doesn't want to go, that he's scared etc. i'm fighting the school on refunding us. they require a 60 day notice but they have too much turnover. i didn't sign up for that. i'm thinking we are headed towards a homeschooling route. he's just not comfortable in this setting. i don't want to homeschool. i think deep down i do but i'm not organized or patient enough for it. i also want some time for myself to just breathe.

the ugly:

- ikea is hell with 6 kids. yes, it needed to be said again.
- oh, and nursing your daughter hidden by two women and 5 kids while a big gnarly dude with a t-shirt that says "i like boobies" is wondering what's going on behind the people curtain. for real, that stuff is made for movies not real life. i didn't think people really wore shirts like that.
- i about lost it with ld today. you know how kids struggle when they don't get their nap and it's rough going with everyone (totally my fault. or ikea's because i feel like blaming ikea for everything including buying colored plastic when i don't like colored plastic but they make colored plastic look cute but i digress.) but it's the day after the no nap day when you really struggle. this morning was all kinds of ugly. i shouldn't have even drug them out today but i was determined to get out and i actually thought the drive home would knock him out early so he could enjoy his 11 am playdate.
- teachers dislocating kids shoulders and then blaming the kid for it. not my kid but another. if it were my kid i'd be dislocating her shoulder fo'sure. ;-)

i'll end there. must clean up somewhat before playdate. so happy i changed it to the afternoon. gotta set up the table with cloth glitter glue and scissors so they can paste away. It'll be nice for them to see each other again. they adore each other. he needs that today after his black eye yesterday.


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