Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hit send

Whew, just under the wire I sent my review off today. I procrastinated the first month, but these last few days were not my fault. Sure I cleaned the house, listed some stuff on Ebay, sewed a little bit but I really thought I could get the two kids to nap at the same time one hour yesterday so i could finish and send it off. No go. But today I finally did it. LD was asleep and I know a sure fire way to get BG to sleep, give her a bath. No, not because it's calming, but because it stresses her out so much that with a little nursing afterwards she'll be sleeping a good two hours. Mean mama. She needed one anyway so i don't feel too guilty. My kids hate baths as babes. LD was dangerous about his dislike and i used to have to take one with him. That stank because baby water is cold to us adults. BG is a little bit better. She just screams bloody murder but at least she doesn't writh around as much.

Sooooo, i feel a huge weight off my shoulder. Everytime i send off a review i feel is poorly written as this one was i don't think i'll ever get another assignment but they come anyhow. I hate reviewing good or decent books. I like to review really bad ones or really good ones because there's a whole lot more to talk about and they are just easier to do. It's hard to have a strong opinion on mediocre books.

As a reward, I'm off to the thrift store when they wake up. I have a reason to go these days. I need a stroller part that Combi doesn't carry anymore. We really like this stroller and the piece isn't necessary, just annoying. So i need to find that stroller for that part. But of course i'll come home with a bag anyway. Drive my husband crazy. And then I'm off to scrapbook the night away. Almost caught up with LD's 2nd and 3rd year. I thought i was just going to do a baby book and a toddler one but I've fallen in love with scrapbooking. It's so fun and so many people enjoy it. Hubby gets to see what he misses, LD gets to see how great his life is (just kidding), and my inlaws get to see the stuff they miss too and I, well I get to enjoy the making.

Speaking of making... LD is a very literal person. He's creative too but he's very literal with language. When I say "i'm going to make the bed" he thinks i'm actually going to make the bed, like with hammer and nails. I can see his confusion because the bed is rarely made but it's funny how he thinks I make everything. When something breaks, he tells me "that's okay, you can make a new one". Now, he's beginning to think he can make things too. He asked me why daddy goes to work and i told him so he can make money. What does LD do? He pulls out paper and pencil and starts making money too. The kid is hilarious. He used to think my husband ate Chinese food all day because I'd say "we are going to have lunch with daddy" and we usually went out for Chinese so he got the idea that daddy ate Chinese food all day. Funny kids.

Okay, i'm off to clean up so i can put my thrift store frequent shopper's card to good use. Don't laugh too hard, but i do have one. But it's only good on Thursdays. THAT's when you know you are in a recession...when the thrift store has a discount card.

Oh, here's my most recent thrifting score...a lego train i bought for $1. It sells on Ebay for $100 new. This one is missing one guy so it may only get $50 but that's a nice profit from a dollar. I'd let the little dude keep it and play with it but it bugs him because it tips over and it doesn't do what he wants it to do. I think i have a knack for thrifting and selling and just may make it a part time job. Fun.


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