Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rose Baby Blanket

Rose Baby Blanket
Originally uploaded by wayfarer.

This is the blanket i've been working forever on but it's sooo looks like a kazillion little roses. You can't quite see it in the picture but it really does look like a bunch of roses.

I didn't follow the pattern (it was my first project and i didn't think it was that important to follow the pattern). Instead of using the yarn they suggested, i used a baby soft thin yarn and instead of the hook they suggested, i used one four sizes smaller. It's turning out beautiful though as it is. It's just taking a long time because it's such thin yarn. It's turning out to be very thick though so it's a very nice quality blanket. I was making it for a gift but think i have to keep this one for my future daughter (insh'Allah). I've put way too many hours and have become way too attached to it to give this one away.


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