Friday, December 01, 2006


The older the Little Dude gets the more the house falls apart. I thought it would get easier but now it seems as one thing in the house gets cleaned or organized, the rest falls apart. He tears up this house like rock stars tear up hotel rooms. I've been in an organizing mode lately which is completely contradictory to my sit on my butt and crochet mode. Both occuring simultaneously. While i'm cleaning and organizing, i wish i were crocheting and when i'm crocheting i'm thinking i should be cleaning. These things only occur after 8 these days because i find LD derails any attempts at cleaning while he is up.

I'm very happy though about one organizational triumph. Yesterday at Michael's i went with my 40% coupon to get a nice ball of yarn but there was an organizational station for toys and i have been searching one but haven't found what i was looking for and was about to begin making my own (my dad showed me the drill and saw to get which is next up for me to buy for making wood crafts and stuff like this) but this one was good and with that coupon was super cheap. Strange though because Michael's doesn't usually sell this type of stuff and usually when i have a coupon for them it doesn't work anyway because everything i need/want seems to be on sale already so it was a double score. I would have bought it anyway. Anyway, long story short...his play area is finally organized. Does he care? No. Will it last? Nope. I'll be picking up after him during his naptime as usual. But am i happy? Yessss! I love how organized it is. And now he's a little more focused in his play....well until his favorite activity is remembered...tearing up the plants and spreading soil from one room to another. Do i really want two of these little rock stars?


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