Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin hat

pumpkin hat 1
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I finally conquered the circular and double pointed knitting needles. I really really really love circular needles i learned and really really really hate double pointed needles. What a pain in the you know what. Especially with a three year old around who loves to play with yarn and needles. This hat was sitting half done when little dude picked it up with all the needles pointing in different directions, yarn hanging on for dear life when i spied him from the kitchen. I yelled "nooooooooooooooooooo!" More of a desperate plea, much like his "nooooooooooooooo i don't want to go to school" plea, than a command. But the kid dropped the needles, yarn, tucked in his lip and cried "you scared meeeeeeeeee" as the tears fell. It was all very dramatic and then i explained how much he scared me and the thought of figuring out what goes where on the needles. I can barely fix my mistakes on regular needles, please don't make me do it on 4!

Alas, i finished the hat, he immediately fell in love with and wore it all around the house, even though it was way too short. I began another one immediately, one that would cover the ears instead of sitting perched on top of his head like a beanie. I love that i can do hats now.

hat in action
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He LOVES this hat and wears it a lot. It's the only hat he leaves on and doesn't tear off with a complaint. Yay.

I'd so love to try socks but i'm still scared as heck to try them.

I almost feel comfident enough to buy some nicer yarns and make some things for myself. I also want to make apple hats in this style for each kid for next years apple picking season. And eggplants, and strawberry's, and and and.

This was taken at our last day apple picking (notice the half eaten apple). Not much to choose from now and the rest of the farm is rotting on the farm. Sad that so much food goes to waste with so much of the world hungry. :-/

Doctor said i'll be induced in 7 weeks. 7! Dear God, they just took away a week, or more likely 3 since LD was 2 weeks late. Time is a running out and i have a kazillion things to do, make, and organize. Better hop to it!


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