Thursday, October 23, 2008

I never showed what i scored at the rummage sale...

We (i took little dude with me this time) started in toys - got some odds and ends playmobil pieces. He loves these and i'm glad because i just discovered playmobil and love it myself. The only plastic toys i can say i truly like because they are well made. We got a winter set, a farm set, and a camper set - old pop top camper family. Too cool.

We also found a wooden marble run set that's been fun. A wood car transporter too and i think that was it. OH! And the sandbox i have been patiently waiting for. The next day i saw one on the curb for free lol.

Next up was the fabric tent and if you can believe it, i didn't buy anything there except for four new balls of cotton yarn make socks for the little man (if i can get over my dislike of double pointed needles). Oh, and a few vintage knitting pattern books.

Next was the Vintage, craft etc tent. Here's my lot from there.

Good stuff. And the best part is we've put all of it to use already. Projects either in the works or ongoing. I tried to not buy anything that i couldn't use right now because over the last four weeks i've donated about 10 boxes and 10 bags of stuff from around the house. I didn't want to clear out to get more.

Next stop was books. I bought about ten books for the little man. And two coloring books for me. Yes, i said coloring books for me. They are the very detail ones from dover. Fairy themed.

Simple but good and super cheap finds. The craft picture has notes on it.


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