Friday, October 03, 2008

plans today

Finally feeling a bit better but it's cold outside and today i must hit the huge semi annual rummage sale. Yes - have to. I'll be taking little dude with me this year so can't wait in line so doubt i'll come home with any true treasures but you never know. He's excited to go since it's not school lol.

Then i am going to come home, give him some warm milk, tuck him into sleep and try to make these. Aren't they the sweetest things? And hopefully figuring out the circular needles and double pointed needles to make this in orange before pumpkin picking this weekend. I want to make the apple one too but the pumpkin one is just calling me. Or maybe it's the great pumpkin. Right now i must go bundle us up to hit the sale. I'm really only looking for a few select things. Montessori/waldorf type wood toys, a wood marble run, the thomas crane, lego platforms and playmobil figures. Possibly a wagon although those go super duper fast. I'd really like a wagon though because you have to park a mile away and thought of carrying anything and possibly little dude back to the car is frightening but alas, there are hundreds of people that have been in line all night after driving all day just to hit the sale. What's a mile in and a mile out right? I'd also really like to find a treasure in the fabric tent but we'll see. Not in the mood for more fabric right now since i can't seem to find time to sew anymore!

What i should be doing today:

- cleaning this mess of a house
- getting a bunch of donation bags to charity shops
- folding the mountain of laundry on my couch and doing the piles of laundry throughout the house
- resting


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